, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Understanding the Security Landscape of Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated with every breaking news story highlighting the latest victim, securing our digital landscape is top of mind. Your applications and the infrastructure they run on are already a target for cybercriminals. - The evolution of modern software has brought us containerization of our applications, and the popular container orchestration platform, Kubernetes. Security is important throughout the container lifecycle due to the distributed, dynamic nature of a Kubernetes cluster. - Different security approaches are required for each of the three lifecycle phases of an application lifecycle: build, deploy, and runtime. During each phase, there are opportunities to remediate vulnerabilities. - In this session, we’ll explore how VMware’s offerings—both Tanzu and Octarine from Carbon Black—helps us take advantage and go beyond Kubernetes’ innate security capabilities.

Anand Parulkar

Senior Manager

Mahesh Bandkar

Senior Technology Architect