, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Quantum Computing and Java QC API—Strange


Track: Architecture

Quantum Computing (QC) is computing based on the laws of Quantum Mechanics (QM), thus often said to be close to how nature works. QC creates new possibilities that classical computers cannot due to resource constraints, computation, and time complexities.

While perfect, fault-tolerant hardware—easily scalable and abstracted at all levels—is far from reality, there are, however, small-scale quantum computers in labs that are made accessible to anyone for free, via the cloud. Plus, there are many simulators available. While the hardware is evolving, software can also evolve parallel using these tools.

Additionally, there are software development kits (SDKs) available in various languages, so you can explore the near-term possibilities using lab computers (via the cloud) or simulators.

For example, one such API in Java that’s perfect for Java developers to experiment with is “Strange” (by Johan Vos).

This session covers the big picture, details, use cases, and algorithms, followed by an overview of Strange, and then concludes with a quick demo.

Sasi Peri