, 2021 ·

Breakout Sessions

Proactively Designing for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Track: Agile Leadership

We're a team of graduate students from the University of Washington who have been partnering with Carina, a nonprofit tech organization, to support their efforts to build a more inclusive product. Carina is a home care and child care matching platform where clients can find providers who fit their particular needs. This spring, we worked with Carina—evaluating their product through a DEI lens, identifying ways to improve their service, and designing feasible interventions. In the process, we found that DEI analysis tools were not readily available, often part of lofty frameworks, or in nongeneralizable case studies, which prompted us to start thinking about how we can support the industry in centering DEI in their designs.

In our talk, we'll share practical design tools we developed to design for DEI and use our Carina project as a case study to explain how these tools can be implemented. We'll also share templates and resources for attendees.