, 2021 ·

Breakout Sessions

Preparing the Gap Inc. Ecommerce Platform for Traffic Surge During the Holiday Season

Track: Agile Leadership

At Gap, Retailers Peak season starts from October and goes until December 25.

Black Friday and CyberMonday are the highest traffic days.

The Peak Preparation is a multi-month process that culminates with the shopping for holidays.

This is a multi step, multi-focused team effort that includes:

  • Peak readiness
  • Capacity engineering
  • High availability requirements and failover testing
  • Coordinate integrated load testing
  • Vendor dependencies management
  • Observability and scoring of the readiness

We'll talk about the tight process that is executed at Gap, along with the partnership with VMware Tanzu teams to achieve a constantly growing ecommerce business.

You'll walk away with a strong understanding on what it takes to accomplish the processing of millions of transactions in the most seamless and smooth way.