, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Platform Agility, Reliability, and Security: Can You Really Have it All in the Federal Sector?


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

It’s a challenge for any company to manage a complex private/public cloud application platform ecosystem, let alone one that provides delightful developer experiences while also being agile, reliable, and secure. These challenges are magnified in the U.S. Federal sector, where disconnected enclaves and endless security processes rule the day.

How do you balance developer expectations with the need to keep the platform constantly scanned, patched, and monitored? Can you really provide a commercial-like cloud platform experience in the Federal sector? And is it even possible to deliver platform parity and a consistent user experience across multiple security zones (SIPRNet, JWICS, Unclass), and all with a small engineering team?

The S31 Space Force team will share their experience in building out and operating this complex cloud platform service offering. The journey is far from complete but the story is worth sharing. Can you really have it all in the Federal sector? Join and find out!

Dan Loomis

Product Manager

Matthew Goehring

Platform Engineer
Scientific Research Corporation