, 2021 ·

Breakout Sessions

Ingress? That is so 2020! Introducing the Kubernetes Gateway API

Track: Cloud Native Platforms

The legacy Kubernetes Ingress and controller architecture is fragmented and has limited portability across different implementations. In this session we will introduce the Kubernetes Gateway API which is an evolution of the Ingress API. This new API is the future of ingress in Kubernetes and has broad vendor adoption.

The audience will learn the architecture and key benefits of the new Kubernetes Gateway API and how it compares to the current ingress solution. It supports a variety of use cases that elevate the developer experience by significantly improving productivity. We will demonstrate features such as traffic splitting together with the continuous delivery (CD) of microservices. The CD solution will use GitOps style deployment with tools such as Skaffold and Kustomize.

This session will provide developers with practical advice and tools necessary to use the new Gateway API in their Kubernetes projects.