, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

How to Use KPIs in an Agile Delivery Environment


Track: Agile Leadership

More often than not, we must have been through a phase in our agile software delivery lifecycle where people have questioned us about the key performance indicators (KPI) and how we may have managed them. Though the world has moved ahead, the questions posed by businesses are still the same (e.g., how to engage more customers, how to create better customer satisfaction, how to deliver more with less, etc.). This makes us wonder: shouldn’t we use the same-age old KPIs. Really? - Also, we need to wake up and realize that “performance indicators” don’t necessarily deliver “value.” For example, if a team is delivering high (or huge) lines of codes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re delivering loads of business functionalities. Or on the other hand, if a team is NOT “communicating” the KPIs to all relevant stakeholders, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re NOT delivering any value. - We need a fresh perspective on KPIs and that’s what we’ll discuss in this session.

Arijit Sarbagna

Director - Agile & DevSecOps