, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Full-Stack Observability for IoT Event Stream Data Processing at Penske


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

Imagine: you’re responsible for 700GB a day of provider and customer data flowing through 300 different stream applications, scaled to 2,500 containers on a cloud platform. No pressure, but… How do you know if the platform and all of the stream apps are healthy? When something goes wrong, how do you identify which providers and customers are being impacted? How do you quickly identify the root cause? Or better yet, can you detect issues early and fix them proactively, before they become problematic?

Penske faces this problem every day with their Connected Fleet—a custom-built IoT system that collects constant streams of odometer, location, and engine data from Penske trucks and ingests into a data lake to derive real-time analytics.

You’ll learn how Penske leveraged VMware Tanzu Observability to meet the challenges of understanding and managing the health of the system with out-of-the-box integrations for TAS, Spring Boot, Kafka, and MySQL to get full visibility into their entire stack.

Krishna Gogineni

Advisory Platform Architect

Shruti Modi

Director Data Platform
Penske Transportation Solution