, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Ensuring Security and Feature Freshness with VMware Tanzu Observability


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

Long-term platform maintenance requires a holistic monitoring mindset that extends beyond just measuring availability. This presentation builds off of Jim Thomson’s and David Laing’s presentation, “Extending the Error Budget Model to Security and Feature Freshness,” at SREcon19 Americas, incorporating a real working example of how my team incorporated budgeting of security (vulnerability budget) and feature freshness (legacy budget) into our platform practice. This presentation walks through the development of legacy and vulnerability budget metric calculation tools, and daily automation to run these tools across VMware Tanzu products deployed on multiple Tanzu Application Service foundations. We explore how budget charts can be created in Tanzu Observability to track when products need to be patched and upgraded. We end with a discussion of how to balance error, vulnerability, and legacy budgets while prioritizing work, and how this can transform a team’s platform management practice.

Amber Salome

Senior Solutions Architect