, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Driveway to Highway: Driving Outcomes with Infrastructure as a Product


Track: Agile Leadership

Infrastructure management is often thought of as solving a set of point A to point B problems. Experienced leaders know it’s never that simple, and that the infrastructure journey never really ends. Teams need solid roadmaps to develop a shared understanding of the way ahead, align to a common destination, and prepare for the little bumps along the way.

Managing a complex infrastructure is hard. Sometimes it seems every destination must be the first on the trip. Choosing the best path forward for teams with poor trip planning or broken vehicles can be difficult when a sunny day turns into a downpour.

We believe Infrastructure teams can travel to amazing places with the right roadmaps and methodologies.

Join us in this session, where we’ll share our experiences and recommendations for adopting lean practices and product management strategies to deliver exceptional infrastructure outcomes for your stakeholders.

…And see a lot of neat things along the way!

Heather Romero

Product Manager
Scientific Research Corporation

Scott Hiland

Manager, Solution Leads
VMware Tanzu Labs