, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Deploy Code into Production Faster on Kubernetes


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

You may have heard Kubernetes described as an infrastructure platform on which application platforms are built. But are you still writing thousands of lines of YAML or trying to figure out how charts and manifests work?

To deliver an excellent experience for developers, we believe an application platform should:

  • Enable you to quickly bootstrap your personal environment and get your applications from source to workload in minutes
  • Let Operations preconfigure templates and scaffolding that ensure applications built on the system are secure and compliant
  • Run applications the same way in development as it does in production
  • Abstract the Kubernetes API, without hiding it
  • Put dev tooling at your fingertips, starting at the IDE
  • Be easy to use, with no PhD in Kubernetes necessary to build truly modern cloud native applications

Join this session to see how we are building these principles and much more into the next-generation application platform for Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu.

Valentina Alaria

Director Product Management