, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Cloud Native Engineering Reimagined by CNAP


Track: Agile Leadership

Today’s technology and business environment are changing so fast that evolution has overtaken adoption. Application development is one such area where we have evolved from silo application codes running on independent servers to adopting PaaS products across organization groups for deploying workloads on the cloud using lightweight containers.

Wipro introduces CNAP (Cloud Native Acceleration Platform) to overcome obstacles like budget, time, and talent availability, as well as shifting workplace dynamics and deliver outcomes at high velocity.

CNAP offers a fully orchestrated cloud native platform that’s cloud-agnostic, is built on native and managed Kubernetes, leverages open-source technologies and Wipro accelerators to provide developers both autonomy and speed. CNAP inherits its core capabilities/values from VMware Tanzu Advanced, along with Wipro’s rich experience as an end-service provider focused on solving customer problems in Kubernetes adoption.

Ajay Balasankula

Sr Cloud Architect
Wipro Limited