, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

Building Gender Diversity in Organizations to Deliver Award-Winning Products


Track: Agile Leadership

In 1985, 38 percent of people going into IT careers were women; now the percentage is 25 percent. How can an organization create an environment to attract, retain, and promote women in IT? At OneMagnify, the IT department has over 40 percent of positions being held by women. Three women IT leaders created an organization to empower and enable women in IT to build leadership capabilities and technical excellence through knowledge sharing and cross-functional technical engagement opportunities. The three women who created the OneMagnify Amplify IT Women’s organization are also VMware Tanzu Vanguards. We want to encourage other organizations to focus on diversity and share our experiences creating an organization to enable women. We’ll discuss the results of our organization, including having attracted several women in other departments at OneMagnify to learn an IT skillset and join the IT department. In 2020, we won the CIO 100 award based on products designed by diverse teams.

Brian Chang

Principal Technologist

Kerry Schaffer

Senior IT Director

Nicole Wierzbowski

Hosting Engagement Manager

Rajalakshmi Padmanaban

IT Director