, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

A Series of Fortunate Events: Building an Operator in Java


Track: Cloud Native Platforms

The Operator pattern lets you automate Kubernetes resource management by taking advantage of the extensibility of the Kubernetes API. It was designed to help human operators automate repeatable tasks. Now it has evolved into the de facto way to extend a cluster’s behavior. If you want to provide developer-friendly capabilities on Kubernetes, this is for you!

This talk covers the characteristics and patterns of an Operator and walks through how we built our first operator in Java and Spring. We also share our learnings and our recommendations so that you need not fight the same battle again.

Topics will include:

  • When and why building an operator
  • Why Java and Spring
  • Testing
  • Scaffolding
  • Patterns I wish I knew

Alberto C. Ríos

Staff Engineer

Bella Bai

Software Engineer