, 2021

2021 Breakout Sessions

A Recipe for Scale: Succeeding with Agile Software Development in the Enterprise


Track: Agile Leadership

Many enterprises have enjoyed amazing results by adopting agile methods, but that success is not without its challenges. Increasing code quality, shipping value faster, and getting better software outcomes is straightforward when you’re one product team. It’s much harder to do with 100 teams or more.

Jen Handler and Becki Hyde present a starter recipe for scaling agile methods within your organization–an approach that is the result of years of engagements with Fortune 100 companies and government organizations, incorporating successful strategies and lessons learned along the way. This recipe codifies an approach that you can apply in your organization to make real progress toward the scaled agile outcomes you’ve been looking for.

Becki Hyde

Senior Product Manager

Jen Handler

Director, Customer Experience and Success