Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Workshops

Developing Event-Driven Microservices with Spring Boot, Confluent Cloud, Kotlin, and Java

(90 minutes)

A microservices-based approach is now pretty universally recognized as the right way to develop modern applications. Technologies like Spring Boot and Spring Framework are ideal choices to develop and deploy your microservices (regardless of the language of choice, Java or Kotlin), with Apache Kafka® as the microservices communication layer. This approach provides highly scalable and robust communication between services that will allow you to unlock data in your existing monolithic and/or legacy systems (via Kafka Connect).

These are not just cool things (even though they are very cool)—they are measured, well-informed, downright wise architectural decisions with many successful projects behind them.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Develop a small, functioning, microservices-based web application using Kafka Streams (using Java or Kotlin).
  • Use Spring Boot to handle tedious and not-so-exciting tasks (like application configuration or container images generation).
  • Use Confluent Cloud (that provides fully managed Apache Kafka as a service) to integrate the services.
  • Use Spring for Kafka as the API between the two.

If you want to use Spring and Kafka together, apply the right patterns, avoid the wrong antipatterns, and generally get a good glimpse into a robust toolset for building modern Java web applications, look no further than this hands-on workshop.

This workshop is suited for Spring Boot (Java or Kotlin) developers who want to learn more about Apache Kafka®. We provide a code repository and Confluent Cloud coupon codes.


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