Sep 2–3, 2020

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What Makes a Great Product Manager

Are you a leader struggling to make good, fast business decisions? Not getting the results you need from your software? Don’t have bandwidth to get into every backlog, but care a lot about teams working on the most valuable thing every day? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, maybe you need a great product manager. Or, if you read this and think, “Hey, I do those things,” well: you may be one of the greatest product managers in the making! In this session, we’ll start by talking about what product management is, then explore some of the qualities of some of the best product managers around. We’ll also consider where some of these qualities tend to lurk in organizations that haven’t formalized product management as a role, and how to help great product management thrive.


-What is product management?

-Key responsibilities of a product manager

-Qualities of a great product manager

-How to find great product managers

-How to support great product management

Adrien Hensley

Agile Transformation Coach, The Boeing Company

Jennifer Handler

Services Strategy & Product Management Lead, VMware

Kenneth McDougall

Director of Product, Kessel Run

Michael Gresham

Sr. Product Manager, VMWare

Track: Agile Leadership