Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Spring Boot Observability

The best person to create observability for your application is you. Going from reactive monitoring and alerting to proactive observability enables you to deliver your apps with confidence. Make yourself, the business, SRE, and ops teams happy by delivering observability, with your code, to production.

In this session, the presenter discusses:

*Thinking about observability before going to production

*Getting started with metrics and the Spring Boot actuator

*Using Micrometer for custom metrics

*Using Sleuth and the benefits of tracing in distributed systems

*Integrating Spring Boot with Wavefront

This will be a combination of abstract discussion and live coding demonstrations. We’ll develop an application and push it to production with a meaningful dashboard and observability.

DaShaun Carter

Tanzu Solutions Engineer, VMware

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring