Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Replatforming Legacy Packaged Applications: Block-by-Block with Minecraft

Although cloud migration often centers around refactoring/replacing workloads with 12-Factor apps, many orgs have a large inventory of closed-source and/or packaged software that makes refactoring or replacement impossible. In this session, we’ll explore the steps necessary to replatform the server components of the popular game Minecraft onto VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, specifically the challenges brought about by modded Minecraft.

We’ll cover how advanced observability tools like Dynatrace help us both understand app characteristics before and after replatforming, even apps that don’t speak HTTP(S). We’ll see how Tanzu Kubernetes Grid allows us to provide access to different classes of persistent disk depending on performance requirements and how automated quality gates within our CD tooling can manage risk, allowing rapid deployment of new releases. Last, we’ll see how full-stack monitoring can help us right-size K8s pod CPU requests and limits and measure impact cluster-wide.

Michael Villiger

Sr. Technical Partner Manager, Dynatrace

Track: Architecture