Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Operational Transformation: Teachers’ Journey from App Servers to VMware Tanzu

In this session, I’ll present Teachers’ journey to VMware Tanzu Application Service, highlighting how we successfully navigated obstacles to achieve a flexible, modern platform for our developers. I’m a firm believer that tools help drive your pipelines, and pipelines help define your culture. Eighteen months ago, Teachers’ was a company with applications spread across Tomcat and Websphere. In order to stay current, costly project teams were assembled to plan, test, and upgrade our platform with minimal impact to our applications. Today, Teachers’ is using automated pipelines to set up and upgrade our entire system with zero downtime. We transitioned from months to days, from project team to person, and from “throw it over the fence” to a DevOps model driven by the platform capabilities. We’re now running with 55 applications in production and are expected to be off our application servers by the end of year, resulting in happier developers and significant savings.

Adam Di Felice

DevOps Engineer, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Track: Agile Leadership