Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Integrate Machine Learning into Your Spring Application in Less than an Hour

Spring Boot, now the most popular Java framework, has simplified implementation of Java applications. Despite its broad appeal, there are few options to easily integrate machine learning (ML) natively in Java. Existing solutions such as stock APIs often don’t meet customized application requirements, and developing customized solutions is time consuming and not cost-effective. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how Java users can integrate ML into their Spring applications in less than an hour with Deep Java Library (DJL). We’ll develop an image recognition microservice and integrate this capability into an application, demonstrating common deep learning use cases around object detection and classification.

Hermann Burgmeier

Senior Software Engineer, Amazon

Mikhail Shapirov

Senior Partner Solutions, Amazon Web Services, Inc

Qing Lan

Software Developement Engineer, AWS

Vaibhav Goel

Sr. Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Track: Architecture