Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

High-Precision GPS Positioning for Spring Developers

You have GPS tracking requirements in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics or precision farming, but realize that phones are not accurate enough. You also wish Google Maps and OpenStreetMap had a way higher zoom level. What are your options?

Join me on this fast-paced journey as we look at the various options to achieve centimeter-level GNSS accuracy. We’ll look at (affordable) hardware options, such as the dual-frequency GNSS support in the latest generation of phones, as well Arduino-powered base station/rover solutions for your own IoT needs.

We venture into Java connectivity options in order to integrate devices via Bluetooth and USB into Spring Boot applications, and show how to process NMEA messages using Spring Integration.

Ultimately, we’ll dive into the wider GIS world, briefly touching on QGIS to create base maps, geospatial data persistence options, and how to visually present the end product to your users using Leaflet.js.

Gunnar Hillert

Software Developer, Hillert Inc.

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring