Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Girls Can Do IT!

What makes women want to choose a technologist role as their career choice? We’ll talk to three IT leaders and active VMware Tanzu Vanguards as they share their experiences, challenges, accomplishments, and advice on how to make it as a woman in the IT industry.

Some core questions we’ll explore:

-What specifically drew you to this field?

-How do you [or would you] encourage young women to pursue this field?

-Who were [or are] your role models? What did they do specifically to encourage you to go down the IT path?

-How does gender adversity play in DevOps?

-How have your unique skills and passion helped drive change in the organization?

-How has your diversity of being a woman helped you in your IT role? Do you think it gives you a different perspective?

-How have the outside groups [e.g., Vanguards and/or other organizations] helped you to succeed?

Kerry Schaffer

Senior IT Director, OneMagnify

Madison Schlegel

Customer Advocacy Program Manager, VMware

Miranda LeBlanc

Solutions Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Shuchi Mittal

Director Formation Labs, Fiserv

Yvonne Brye-Vela

Manager, VMware

Track: Agile Leadership