Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Functions: Implement Once, Execute Anywhere!

Functions are everywhere and they’re not going anywhere, especially in the world of distributed cloud native architectures, microservices, and serverless platforms. What do we do? As always, Spring comes to the rescue and in this mostly hands-on session, we’ll uncover not only the under-appreciated value of Java functional support (i.e., Supplier, Function, and Consumer), we’ll also dive deep into Spring Cloud Function framework and the value it adds in ensuring your implementation stays clean and neutral, yet ready and capable of executing in the runtime environment of your choice. We’ll cover a variety of use cases (e.g., messaging, streaming, REST, reactive, etc.), demonstrating their applicability using popular runtimes and products as an example (e.g., Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, Microsoft Azure, and more).

This session will be expanded upon at VMworld 2020 as a breakout in the application modernization track. Register for free.

Oleg Zhurakousky

Software Engineer, VMware

Track: Architecture