Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Enabling Cloud Native Buildpacks for Windows Containers

Cloud Native Buildpacks (, a CNCF sandbox project headed for incubation, is quickly becoming a standard for building secure, runnable OCI images from source code. Unfortunately, support for Windows-based containerization was not part of the CNB project’s original, Linux-focused charter. This leaves a large void for those looking for a path to modernize their existing Windows-based .NET applications.

We’ve been hard at work to change this! In this talk, we’ll begin with a brief overview of the CNB project and its benefits. We’ll then recap some of the challenges and successes we encountered in our journey to enable first-class support for Windows in the CNB ecosystem. Finally, we’ll give a live demo of building and running a Windows-based container image to show just how simple it can be.

Andrew Meyer

Software Engineer, VMware

Daniella Corricelli

Product Manager, VMware

Malini Valliath

Member of Technical Staff, VMware

Micah Young

Software Engineer, VMware

Track: Cloud Native Platforms