Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Driving TAS Enterprise Fitness

Ford uses operational data scraped from over 20 VMware Tanzu Application Service (TAS) Foundries presenting over 10,000 application instances to drive enterprise TAS fitness, identify trends, improve forecasts, and discover hidden dependencies, resulting in significantly reduced cloud costs by reducing required Diego cells by up to 20%. TAS application instances are created with a specified amount of resources when they are initially pushed, before real-world usage patterns are fully understood. Enterprise TAS extracts continuously monitor and analyze transaction patterns, CPU, and memory utilization to identity suboptimal configurations and recommend courses of actions such as Application Instance tuning, refactoring, resizing, auto scaling, or serverless conversion, to name a few. This talk will also cover how Ford’s Platform Enablement teams engage the large and varied Ford TAS application developer community via dashboards and reports to communicate recommended fitness actions and monitor results.

Ishaan Khurana

Data Scientist/ Analyst, Ford Motor Company

Kyle Hinton

Solution Architect, Slalom Detroit

Seth Jones

Solution Owner, Slalom LLC

Tom Woods

Platform Services Analytics and Billing Super, Ford Motor Company

Track: Cloud Native Platforms