Sep 2–3, 2020

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BT’s Consumer Digital Commerce Transformation is Driving New Revenue Opportunities

BT is transforming its ways of working across its Consumer Digital Commerce platform, moving away from a monolith to a microservice architecture. This is allowing BT to be more efficient and responsive to change, and delivering value more regularly and reliably, and open new opportunities to drive business growth.

The migration has helped BT to react easier to changes as they happen in the world of sport such as cancellation/rescheduling of events to surges in demand as sport returns to our screens. They have been able to improve their release cadence allowing for frequent deployments and the ability to change in hours rather than months

None of this comes without its challenges especially around how to integrate with existing legacy codebases and infrastructure. BT have had to overcome common enterprise problems around networking and security between the cloud and on premises infrastructure and the BT Sport Monthly Pass Sales Journey is a great example of how this can be overcome

Cathal O’Neill

Software Engineering Lead, BT

Track: Agile Leadership