Sep 2–3, 2020

2020 Schedule

Bootiful GraphQL with Kotlin

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those requests. GraphQL APIs are extremely powerful as clients use schema information to custom tailor their queries to only ask for the data they need.

Kotlin strong types and null safety makes it an excellent choice for implementing GraphQL schemas. With a resolver-first approach, graphql-kotlin generates schemas directly from the source code, making it the single source of truth for defining your GraphQL APIs. Using this approach, your Kotlin classes, properties and functions are mapped to corresponding GraphQL types and fields. GraphQL queries are resolved by invoking underlying Kotlin functions, so we can also utilize the power of Kotlin coroutines to asynchronously process all of our requests!

Learn how to utilize the power of Spring Boot together with graphql-kotlin to easily create new reactive GraphQL web services in 15 minutes or less!

Dariusz Kuc

Principal Engineer, Expedia Group

Guillaume Scheibel

Principal Engineer, Expedia Group

Track: Beginner-Friendly Spring