Hands-on Knative

Over the past several years Google has open sourced several cloud-native technologies abstracting away more and more underlying infrastructure into well-defined processes that can work across different environments. Kubernetes and Istio provide cluster primitives for scheduling and networking. Knative is a serverless platform built on Kubernetes and Istio and higher-level deployment, serving, and eventing. In this workshop you will get hands-on with Knative, using the build, serving, and eventing pieces. You will learn how to:
  • Deploy Spring Boot as services in Knative
  • Configure custom domains
  • Address cold starts
  • Configure autoscaling
  • Configure load splitting / canary deploys
  • Deploy internal services
  • Deploy a Spring Boot Function to handle events
  • Wire together an event pipeline with Knative Eventing

  • Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops
  • Chrome browser and access to Google Docs