Using Apache Kafka® and Spring Platform to Build Event-Driven Microservices

Let’s assume you’re looking to become a more agile development shop and are eager to move to a new microservices approach to application development. And maybe while you’re at it you’re looking for an approach that will also unlock data in your existing monolithic and/or legacy systems. Finally, let us assume that you want to use the Spring Framework as your guiding architectural substrate. These are not just cool things to do—they are measured, well-informed, downright wise architectural decisions with many successful projects behind them.

In this workshop, you will develop a small, functioning, microservices-based web application using Kafka Streams and KSQL. We’ll use Spring Boot for the web interfaces, Apache Kafka to integrate the services, and of course Spring for Kafka as the API between the two. If you want to use Spring and Kafka together, apply the right patterns, avoid the wrong antipatterns, and generally get a good glimpse into a solid toolset for building modern Java web applications, look no further.

Learn more about Spring for Kafka here.

Spring Boot (Java or Kotlin) Developers not familiar with Kafka

System Requirements
Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops with the ability to access the internet and have installed:
  • JDK
  • kubectl
  • IDEA IntelliJ Community Edition

What we provide
  • Power and Wi-Fi
  • PKS Clusters

  • Todd McGrath, Partner Solution Architect, Confluent
  • Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate, Confluent