It’s for everyone

Diversity and inclusion are core pillars at Pivotal. They’re intertwined with our values: Do the right thing. Do what works. Be kind.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion benefits Pivotal employees, but we recognize and welcome the potential to have a broader impact that extends to our customers, partners, and even to the industry as a whole.

To fulfill those values, it’s critical to be better partners in the communities we’re privileged to work with. To incorporate inclusive practices into everything we do. This year, we’re dedicated to making our biggest event—SpringOne Platform—more diverse and inclusive.

This includes providing conference scholarships to attendees from underrepresented backgrounds, diversifying our pool of speakers, and creating the time and space for people from different communities to network and connect during the conference.

Instilling and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture is an ongoing journey. These efforts are the first steps to making sure all of our attendees and speakers feel welcome with intention.