Why developers attend

You put your heart into building incredible software every day, but you want to go deeper. That’s why developers come to SpringOne Platform. It’s where they learn the latest in Spring, Java, modern .NET, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, cloud, serverless, streaming data, and distributed systems. Hear expert talks on agile, testing, and event-driven architectures. See which practices and patterns are working in production environments. Build more resilient architectures—and new friendships.

Top reasons to attend

Go deeper into Spring, Java, and cloud-native .NET
Get certified
Make a difference by going swagless

convince your manager

Bring the whole team

You don’t have to load up the team on a bus to go to SpringOne Platform, but there is precedent.

After the DICK'S Sporting Goods teams left SpringOne 2018, they were able to hit the ground running when they returned to work—and all be on the same page.

Ready to make the journey to SpringOne Platform 2019? That team bus isn’t going to charter itself.