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Bryan Kelly

Principal Software Engineer, Cerner Corporation

Since joining Cerner in 2007, Bryan has implemented, designed, and automated interop solutions across Network IP. He is an avid user and advocate of open source frameworks and is actively using several to contemporize the cloud strategy for Network IP. Recent projects include uplifting Cerner Direct Web Inbox, Cerner Direct Referrals, and portions of Cerner Direct to a microservices architecture. In addition to his internal contributions, Bryan actively participates in the open source community as a technical reviewer and consistent contributor to Concourse, CloudFoundry, BOSH, MySQL, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS. Currently, Bryan is establishing an open source, cloud native ecosystem centered around leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to continuously deliver apps and services to both Cerner’s on-prem and public cloud infrastructures of choice.