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The State of Kotlin Support in Spring

The first part of this talk is an overview of the state of the art of application development with Spring Boot 2.2 and Kotlin:
- Immutable @ConfigurationProperties data classes
- Testing with JUnit 5 and Mockk
- The new router DSL for Spring MVC
- Coroutines support for WebFlux, RSocket and Spring Data
- Kotlin code snippets in Spring Framework documentation
- MockMvc Kotlin DSL
- Best practices (extensions, constructor based injection, etc.)

The second part is a live coding of a Spring Boot application configured with the Kofu, the Kotlin DSL currently developed in the Spring Fu incubator I have created a few months ago. It is an alternative to Spring Boot auto-configuration designed for configuring your application explicitly with auto-completion and custom configuration slices while still supporting most of Spring Boot features.