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The Social Physics of Cloud-Native Transformation: Changing Organizational Inertia

Change is hard. Change happens when people realize that if they don't participate, they'll miss out on being part of the club. Spring Framework is one such example, as it's become the de facto framework for developing java-based microservices.

Adopting cloud-native patterns and platforms promises improved velocity, scalability, reliability and developer productivity. Organizations are embracing it at unprecedented scale. However, after the initial excitement, companies are experiencing frustrating roadblocks in their transformation journeys. Fortunately, many of these complications are predictable and correctable.

Join Banu Parasuraman, a leader at Wipro Digital, and learn:

  • how to sustain your movement to cloud-native

  • why you need value communicated top-down as well as bottom up

  • how to deal with easing resistance to change, and changing the mindset from “cost-plus” to “value-based”

  • how to use platforms like Pivotal Platform to get colleagues onboard so that change happens and success is realized