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The Reality of Managing Microservice Deployments at Scale: You Need a Spinnaker

By 2018, JPMorgan Chase had achieved significant results in accelerating our software delivery. We were shipping microservices to cloud platforms regularly—deploying more than 6,000 times a day across 90+ Pivotal Platform foundations. But we weren't done.

We needed zero-touch and safer deployment capabilities, like blue-green and canary, so that our developers could have more control. We needed to scale deployments even more, but also manage all those deployed services more effectively. That led us to partner with Pivotal to transition our deployment mechanism to Spinnaker.

This session covers our journey to transition to Spinnaker. Pivotal will share key features of Spinnaker and their OSS contribution milestones. We’ll demo where we’re at: a configurable Spinnaker pipeline template that manages all the deployment processes. We’ll also share how we’ve rolled out Spinnaker, and our plans to unleash the full power of Spinnaker deployments into the hands of developers.