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The Leadership Bottleneck

After at least five years of struggling to transformation, IT knows how to deliver better software, how to do the process and use the new tools needed for digital transformation. They may not actually do all that, but they know what should be done. However, 'The Business' is not involved enough, nor do they know what to do. This prevents achieving the full benefits of digital transformation. The Business just knows that 'tech companies' are coming to eat their lunch and that their boards are demanding a strategic response, like, yesterday. There are a handful of educational exceptions: companies like The Home Depot that are figuring it out and thriving. But there’s a lot more organizations that are stumbling than succeeding. IT isn’t the bottleneck anymore, it’s finance, strategy, and management. Based on the forthcoming book, The Business Bottleneck, this talk will suggest changes and tactics The Business needs to take to close break the business bottleneck.