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The Fallacy of OKRs and How to Find the Right Measurements of Success

Objectives and key results (OKRs) have quickly become the buzzword of the industry. Companies often see OKRs as a silver bullet to solve all their challenges. However, without the OKRs tied to a larger initiative, you may achieve your goals but you won't see the larger scale change you seek. Learn how to create meaningful measurements that give you real insight into both your company-wide initiatives and how each team is creating change week over week.

Felicia, Katie, and Ani will pull from the approximately 200 engagements with the Pivotal Application Transformation Team across several industries within the US and other geographies.

From this session, you’ll walk away:

  • understanding the value of the right OKRs

  • knowing how to create the right OKRs

  • determining how to justify OKRs to support your organizational strategy/vision