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Tech Agility at TD Ameritrade

For the past two years, TD Ameritrade Institutional has been on a modernization and transformation journey to provide a best-in-class client experience and to increase organizational focus, agility, and effectiveness. The organizational vision is to transform the software delivery process by leveraging extreme programming (XP) practices and the benefits of a cloud platform. Pivotal has been instrumental in guiding us toward that goal and helping to enable both means.

This talk is about the ongoing transformation journey at TD Ameritrade, evolving from a project to product mindset and the implementation of extreme programming practices that revolutionized the way our engineers work to deliver more user value at a faster pace. It’s also about how Pivotal Platform streamlined the deployment process and decreased time-to-market by liberating developers from the overhead of requesting VMs, having to maintain each environment manually, and orchestrating manual deployments all the way through to production.