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Design Leadership: The X Factor in Digital Transformation

Customer experience is king. Companies that separate from the pack are the ones that use real-time insight and user-centric design to delight their audience. But just how important is “good” design practice to creating a premium customer experience?

What does a mature design practice do for the customer, and the teams creating their experiences?

In this panel discussion, hear from design leaders as they share real-world stories on how more mature design practices can help product teams provide more value for your customer experience. We'll explore how a customer-centered approach can be a strategic differentiator, drive cultural change, and impact business performance.

Panelists include:

  • Meriah Garret, CDO, USAA

  • Adam Fry-Pierce, Director of Design Community at InVision

  • Jehad Affoneh, Sr. Director and head of design at VMware