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Spring Tools 4: Bootiful Spring Tooling for Desktop and Cloud

This hands-on, live-coding session will show you how to use Spring Tools 4 to be super productive when working on Spring Boot 2 applications. We'll demonstrate all the additional help to create, understand, and navigate your Spring code, including super-fast navigation across Spring definitions, deep understanding of your Spring code, and more. We'll dive into the details of how information from live running Spring Boot 2 apps will appear directly in your source code to provide unique insights into your running application. The live coding will be done using a mixture of clients, ranging from Spring Tools 4 for Eclipse to Visual Studio Code, including support for up to Java12, to the newly supported Eclipse Theia, the first browser- and cloud-based environment to be supported by the Spring Tools 4. We'll demo the fascinating new possibilities of those cloud-based dev environments, including using pre-built workspaces, sharing workspaces, running many workspaces in parallel, defining dev-environments as code, and more. In addition to that, we'll provide an overview of how to run Theia, ranging from running it in a local Docker container, to self-hosting it on K8s and/or Pivotal Container Service, up to using the public-hosted version at gitpod.io.