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SDLC for Pivotal Platform, Powered by Spring Initializr, Concourse, and Spinnaker

The business demands always a higher speed in software development in an already complex application landscape. The answer to this is decoupling of complexities by introducing microservices. However, with microservice architectures, the overall complexity of your application landscape increases unless a high grade of automation is put in place to manage the complexity.

Automation starts in development, and the Spring Initializr is a great tool to save time during microservice creation. But how do you support all the necessary tasks needed within your SDLC, such as pipelines, manifest files, etc. in your new world of microservices without doing any error-prone manual tasks?

Spring Initializr can be easily extended to provide other mandatory artifacts needed in a cloud SDLC.

In this talk, we'll create our own Spring Initializr and show how you can easily support your development by creating the Concourse and Spinnaker pipelines, Pivotal Platform manifest files, and more, tailored to your company standards.