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Safe Refactoring!

We've all been there, facing a blinking cursor. You need to build a new feature, but aren't sure where to start. Or you have to fix something in your app, and you're unsure why it broke.

This situation is common with Big Ball of Mud architectures. This design hinders your release velocity. And it makes it near impossible to seize new business opportunities. How can you move on from this situation?

Most of us also know what good design is. We talk a lot about domain-driven design, modeling, and test-driven development.

Here's the challenge: how to apply this thinking to your current systems. How do we modernize the app? How do we convince people we should modernize it? How do we overcome the lack of testing? And lack of business knowledge? How do we make sure we can easily revert our changes?

Hear about "Blue/Green Refactoring with Parallel Models" to answer these questions and more. You'll learn about techniques that have proven to work in companies like yours.