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Real-Time Live Soccer Score Streaming Application Demo with Reactive Spring Stack

Join us to see how we've transformed our legacy soccer score application platform serving 3 million users with Spring Reactive stack including Spring Boot WebFlux, Reactive Redis, and Reactive Kafka. The platform serves live score data of 200 tournaments over 3,500 teams from 44 different countries.

Compared to the legacy version, which crashed regularly under the load during big matches, the new platform based on Reactive Spring is resilient, durable, and almost near real time with a negligible delay.

We'll demonstrate three main topics:

  • 1. how Reactive Spring can be used to persist and query data from Redis in a reactive way for providing Flux and Mono REST API services

  • 2. how Reactive Spring can be used to stream live soccer score events, match status, and score updates in real time to the client apps (Android, iOS, and web) by using Server Sent Events through Reactive Kafka

  • 3. the real application with live score updates