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Reactive Event Processing with Apache Geode

Reactive Systems promise vastly improved computing efficiency and responsiveness. The Flow interfaces introduced in JDK9 form the center of a vital new ecosystem. Pivotal is at the forefront of innovation with Project Reactor and RSocket.

Apache Geode is a proven distributed computing platform providing high-scale transactional processing at in-memory speeds. Geode’s APIs support map storage, sophisticated request-response querying, and subscription-based continuous queries. There’s even support for map-reduce-style distributed data processing.

But Geode’s APIs are procedural in nature——they predate the Reactive Systems revolution. Integrating procedural APIs into a reactive application can be challenging. Naive solutions lead to inefficiency.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to integrate Geode with your Reactive System efficiently, and at scale. You’ll be armed with a clear picture of Apache Geode and how it fits with the latest reactive components for the Java platform.