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Platforms Demystified: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Eirini, and Knative

Containers, applications, functions: When deploying workloads to the cloud, developers have various options. With this talk, we intend to clarify the different possibilities, with closer focus on Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Project Eirini, and Knative.

We'll compare and contrast the latest experiences of those platforms in order to extract a meaningful comparison of their features from a developer perspective, providing answers to the following questions:

  • Which type of workloads are suitable for which platform?
  • Which programming model applies for each platform?
  • Where are the differences/where are the overlaps?
  • How mature are the individual solutions?
  • How simple and user-friendly are they?

Additionally, we'll measure and compare key metrics that affect the developer experience (e.g., time to deploy, time to scale, and other such metrics). The overall goal is to better understand what makes each individual useful in the best way and how they can work together.