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Platform Health Assessment at Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services

What does good look like?
The platform journey that DHS-CIS is on will take years, and involve a wide variety of products and services that aim to help them solve a plethora of complex problems. How does DHS-CIS know if they’re doing it right?

How does Pivotal Help?
Our various Pivotal teams understand what DHS-CIS must do in order to get the most value out of our opinionated platform and services. How does Pivotal make appropriate recommendations to clients at various points in the journeys, and hold DHS-CIS and Pivotal accountable for results?

  • Introduce-Illustrate what good looks like along the journey

  • Facilitate-Ask customers to self assess themselves against markers

  • Access-Review client’s self-assessment internally at Pivotal and build recommendations

  • Recommend-Communicate recommendations to DHS-CIS