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PKS is Not JAK8sP (Just Another Kubernetes Platform)

Kubernetes (K8s) is just software. The implementation of the core project launches and manages the lifecycle of containers, and other related projects provide additional services around K8s, such as user interfaces (e.g., kubectl, K8s dashboard), monitoring (e.g., Prometheus, Grafana), and networking (e.g., Flannel, Calico). Because it's no small feat to take a bunch of open-source projects and a bunch of infrastructure and establish a running environment, literally dozens of turnkey Kubernetes platforms are now available from a wide range of vendors, large and small.

But not all Kubernetes platforms are created equally. In this session, we'll cover what makes Pivotal Container Service (PKS) special, both right now and—reflecting nearly two years' experience with PKS customers and the market—what will be its unique differentiators going forward. This discussion will cover some of the latest advancements coming from the Kubernetes community, such as cluster-api and more. While we're talking about PKS, this session offers ample opportunity for you to learn about Kubernetes and the latest advancements more generally.

The way that we’re taking this new shiny technology (K8s) and presenting to you may well allow you to realize business value in ways you hadn’t necessarily anticipated.