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New Capabilities for .NET on Pivotal Platform

In this session, Garima and Genevieve will cover what capabilities have emerged to deliver a first-class experience for .NET's unique needs on Pivotal Platform, and why they make it a premier enterprise platform for cloud-native, modernized, and legacy .NET workloads. We'll review our efforts to establish a secure configuration posture by enabling custom certificate authority injection for .NET applications, maintaining route integrity with TLS, and securing container-to-container networking. This talk will include a demonstration of configuring and enabling custom certificate authorities for Windows containers in a Cloud Foundry deployment, an implementation review of the graceful shutdown process that provides workloads time to shutdown cleanly, and an update on the status of running Istio and Envoy on Windows. This talk will reveal the significant advancements that make Cloud Foundry the best Windows application platform, and a model for the community.