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.NET Application Modernization with PAS and Azure DevOps

In this talk, we'll look at how one goes about modernizing a .NET Framework application using the rich tooling available on Azure DevOps. We'll successfully migrate a monolithic app from a classic IIS environment to .NET Core with microservices, leveraging Pivotal Application Service for Windows running on Azure Cloud. Along the way, we'll address topics like:

  • pluggable components using Azure DevOps Artifacts

  • things to avoid when going cloud-native

  • how to be successful with Pivotal’s Swift Method of monolith decomposition

  • build and deployment automation with Azure Pipelines

  • how to address an app’s dependencies that won't be modernized but still must be a part of the modernized app

  • creating a cookbook to minimize duplicate efforts

Attendees will leave with an understanding of what a PAS/Azure DevOps app modernization strategy looks like and will have the building blocks to begin their own strategy.